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  • January 1, 1946 - The Vanderbilt Nutrition Studies begin. Pregnant women, without their knowledge or consent, are given radioactive iron in a "cocktail" they were told would increase natal nutrition. Four children died from malignant cancer, and several women experienced anemia, rashes, bruises, a loss of teeth and hair, and cancer.
  • January 14, 1994 - President Bill Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin announce that by the end of May, no country will be targeted by missiles of the United States or Russia.
  • 2, 1954 - Secretary of State John Foster Dulles announces the policy of massive retaliation. The policy states that "local defenses must be reinforced by the further deterrent of massive retaliatory power" and "the way to deter aggression is for free communities to be willing and able to respond vigorously at places and with reasons of our own choosing."
  • January 25, 1995 - Black Brant XII, a Norwegian-U.S. joint research rocket launched from Norway’s northwest coast, is initially mistaken by the Russians as a nuclear attack.
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