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  • April 4, 1949 - The North Atlantic Treaty establishes NATO, a military alliance aimed at protecting Western nations from the Soviet bloc. NATO continues to this day as a nuclear-armed alliance, with U.S. nuclear weapons deployed in five nations (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey).
  • April 6, 2010 - The United States releases its 2010 Nuclear Posture Review, which will guide U.S. nuclear decisions for years to come.
  • April 10, 1945 - As part of the Manhattan Project, an injured motorcyclist named Ebb Cade was injected with 4.7 micrograms of plutonium without his knowledge.
  • April 24, 2014 - The Republic of the Marshall Islands filed landmark cases in the International Court of Justice and U.S. Federal District Court against the nine nuclear-armed states.
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