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President Dwight D. Eisenhower

  Life: October 14,1890 - March 28,1969
  In office: January 20,1953 - January 20,1961
  Party: Democrat


Nuclear Policy

On War

Massive Retaliation/ “New” New Look
   Predelegation of Nuclear Weapons Usage, 1957, Revised 1959 and 1960
   Allowed US nuclear retaliation against foreign conventional forces.

  • Allowed Secretary of Defense and subsequently ranking commanders, including military officers, to order nuclear retaliation in emergency .
  • Placed nuclear weapons on Hair-trigger Alert Status

U.S. Policy on Continental Defense (July 14,1960)

On Deterrence

Strategic Triad- ICBMs, SLBMs, and ALCMs
   Second Strike Capability.

Deterrence by threat of Massive Retaliation.
   John Dulles 1962 Speech

Extended deterrence for allies.

On Disarmament Atoms for Peace Program
  Eisenhower’s 1953 Speech

Proposed Limited Test Ban Treaty (Partial Test Ban Treaty)

Treaties signed/ratified; Legislation passed

1954 Atomic Energy Act

1958 Murphy-Dean agreement

1961 Antarctic Treaty

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