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President Lyndon Baines Johnson - Nuclear Events


LBJ opposes development of nuclear states, except when part of NATO or in cases of emergency. LBJ opposes the French nuclear program. NSM 294.


China explodes its first atomic bomb at Lop Nor testing site in Sinkiang Province.

LBJ assigns a task force under Roswell Gilpatric to study nuclear nonproliferation. NSAM 320.

LBJ authorizes the modernization of nuclear stockpiles and dispersal of atomic weapons to non-US forces. NSAM 334.

LBJ prohibits public disclosure of Chinese or Soviet nuclear tests, unless he otherwise authorizes it. NSAM 347: Release of Public Information Concerning Soviet, French and Communist Chinese Nuclear Tests

LBJ, Wilson (UK), and Brezhnev (USSR) sign the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, LBJ Speech

Johnson authorizes a light ABM system sentinel(Sentinel), with Secretary of Defense McNamara citing US fears of Chinese attacks in order to ease Soviet fears of the US. 1968 Time Article on political nature of Sentinel


The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is signed at Washington, Moscow and London and enters into force on March 5,1970.

France tests its first hydrogen bomb at Fangataufa Atoll in the South Pacific. US response - NSAM 294: U.S. Nuclear and Strategic Delivery System Assistance To France

Nuclear Stockpiles