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China's Reaction to U.S. Resumption of Nuclear Testing

BEIJING, July 3 (Reuter) - China on Thursday said it had taken notice of the U.S. start of underground nuclear weapons-related tests and called on all signatories to abide by the nuclear test ban treaty.

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"We stress that all countries should faithfully abide by stipulations in the nuclear test ban treaty," Foreign Ministry spokesman Tang Guoqiang said. He urged signatories not to carry out activities that do not conform with the treaty. China would pay close attention to the situation, Tang told a regular news briefing. The United States began a round of controversial underground nuclear weapons-related tests on Wednesday in the Nevada desert, an Energy Department spokeswoman said.

The experiments, announced earlier, were designed to test weapons materials without triggering the kind of nuclear chain reaction prohibited by the international treaty signed last year. REUTE