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Robert Del Tredici - At Work in the Fields of the Bomb

26. Dr. Thomas Mancuso

Pittsburgh . August 16, 1982. In 1965, the U.S. government hired Dr. Mancuso to study the radiation exposure records of over 225,000 atomic workers in America's nuclear weapons industry. After 15 years Mancuso concluded that "low level" exposures over a long period significantly increased workers' chances of developing cancer and that levels considered safe by industry standards were at least 10 times too high. When Mancuso published his findings, the government cut his funds, removed him from the study, and confiscated his data.
"Radiation is the most important subject in the world, and it will be forever, because of the thousands of nuclear weapons and bombs, and the constant threat to civilization and the world. Unfortunately there is no way to continue to study and make known the full rang of effects without large sums of independent funding."

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