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Robert Del Tredici - At Work in the Fields of the Bomb

83. Kay Gable

Arvada, Colorado. July 16, 1983. Kay Gable's husband, Don, was a plutonium worker at Rocky Flats. After 9 years and 4 months on the job, he developed a brain tumor and died at age 32. Los Alamos Laboratory did an autopsy of Don's brain. When Kay Gable asked for the plutonium content report, Los Alamos stated it had lost the brain. Kay Gable then sued Rocky Flats to hand over part of the radioactive pipe that had been 6 inches from her husband's head at work. After many delays, Rocky Flats said it had lost the pipe.

"Los Alamos called me within an hour of don's death to do tests on his brain. What really gets me, though, is how did they know he died? I mean, it was within an hour of his death and I get this phone call. There was no doctor there. The family and I are the only ones that knew."

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