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  :LIbrary Treaties Convention on Nuclear Emergency Assistance January 26, 1987

Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or
Radiological Emergency


To facilitate the prompt provision of assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency.


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(a) Parties to co-operate between themselves and with the International Atomic Energy Agency (thereinafter referred to as the "Agency") to facilitate prompt assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency (art. 1 (1));

(b) Parties to request the Agency to use its best endeavours in accordance with the provisions of this Convention to promote, facilitate and support the co- operation between states Parties provided for in this Convention (art. 1 (3));

(c) If a Party needs assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency, whether or not such accident or emergency originates within its territory, jurisdiction or control, it may call for such assistance from any other state party, directly or through the Agency, and from the Agency, or, where appropriate, from other international intergovernmental organizations (art. 2 (1));

(d) A Party to which a request for such assistance is directed to promptly decide and notify the requesting State Party, directly or through the Agency, where it is in a position to render the assistance requested, and the scope and terms of the assistance that might be rendered (art. 2 (3));

(e) A Party may request assistance relating to medical or temporary relocation into the territory of another State Party of people involved in a nuclear accident or radiological emergency (art. 2 (5)). Membership This Convention is open to all States, Namibia, represented by the United Nations Council for Namibia, international organizations and regional integration organizations referred to in article 14. Instruments shall be deposited with the Director-General of the Agency.

Date of adoption 26. 9.1986

Place of adoption Vienna

Date of entry into force 26.2.1987

Parties and dates of entry into force
Argentina 17. 2.1990 Australia* 23.10.1987 Austria 22.12.1989 Bangladesh 7. 2.1988 Bulgaria* 26. 3.1988 Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic* 26. 2.1987 China* 11.10.1987 Cyprus 4. 2.1989 Czechoslovakia 4. 9.1988 Egypt 17.11.1988 France 6. 4.1989 Germany, Federal Republic of 15.10.1989 Guatemala 8. 9.1988 Hungary* 10. 4.1987 India* 28. 2.1988 Iraq* 21. 8.1988 Israel 25. 6.1989 Japan 10. 7.1987 Jordan 11. 1.1988 Korea Republic of 9. 7.1990 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 28. 7.1990 Malaysia* 1.10.1987 Mexico 10. 6.1988 Monaco 19. 8.1989 Mongolia* 12. 7.1987 New Zealand 11. 4.1987 Norway 26. 2.1987 Nigeria 10. 9.1990 Pakistan 12.10.1989 Poland* 24. 4.1988 Romania 13. 7.1990 Saudi Arabia 4.12.1989 South Africa 10. 9.1987 Spain 4.12.1989 Switzerland 10. 9.1987 Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic* 26. 2.1987 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics* 26. 2.1987 United Arab Emirates 2.11.1987 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 12. 3.1990 United States of America* 20.10.1988 Viet Nam 30.10.1987 World Health Organization 10. 9.1988 World Meteorological Organization 18. 5.1990
* Signifies that a Reservation or Declaration was deposited upon or following signature or ratification.