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  :LIbrary Treaties European Atomic Energy Commission, Partnership, April 00, 1992

New partnership approach to the implementation of safeguards in the Community, by the IAEA and Euratom:
text of joint declaration
[April 1992]

Effective and Efficient Implementation of Safeguards by the IAEA and EURATOM under the Agreement (INFCIRC/193)

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1. The Director General of the IAEA Dr. Blix and Commissioner Cardoso e Cunha have reviewed the implementation of safeguards according to INFCIRC/193.

2. They concluded that further efforts should be made to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of safeguards implementation.

3. To this end they concluded that the time has come to strengthen safeguards collaboration in a way that takes into account not only the effectiveness of safeguards but also safeguards efficiency and, in so doing, gives full effect to the purposes of the Agreement.

4. This will be founded on:
(i) The initiation of a new partnership approach to replace the existing approaches of Observation
and Joint Teams.
(ii) The translation of this concept into practical arrangements under the guidance of the high level Liaison Committee.
(iii) A re-evaluation of the role of the Liaison Committee and its relationship to its subsidiary bodies.

5. Subject to the ability of both organizations to satisfy the requirements of their criteria and guidelines respectively the new approach will be based on the following elements:
(i) The optimisation of the necessary practical arrangements and the use of commonly agreed:
· safeguards approaches
· inspection planning and procedures
· inspection activities
· inspection instruments, methods and techniques.
(ii) The inspection activities will be performed on the basis of the principle of one-job-one-man supplemented by quality control measures to enable both organisations to satisfy their respective obligations to reach their own independent conclusions and required assurances. These arrangements will be designed and performed in such a manner that they do not result in unnecessary duplication of effort.
(iii) Use of commonly shared analysis capabilities in order to reduce the number of samples to be taken, transported and analyzed. Cooperation in research and development and in the training of inspectors with the aim to achieve a reduction of resources spent on both sides and to lead to commonly agreed products and procedures.
(iv) Increasing common use of technologies to replace, to the extent possible, the physical presence of inspectors by appropriate equipment.

6. The partnership approach will allow both the IAEA and Euratom to meet their respective responsibilities under the Agreement (INFCIRC/193). The necessary practical arrangements will be established by the Liaison Committee combining full transparency in planning and coordination with partnership in the inspections and with common evaluation.

7. The Director General of the IAEA Dr. Blix and Commissioner Cardoso e Cunha expect that this approach will allow considerable rationalization of resources resulting in a significant reduction in inspection efforts under the Agreement. They request the Liaison Committee to report to them as soon as possible and not later than the end of the year on progress made in the implementation of the new partnership approach.