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  :: Treaties Protocol, Application of Vienna and Paris Conventions, September 21, 1988

Joint Protocol Relating to the Application of the Vienna Convention and the Paris Convention



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To establish a special link between the Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage of 21 May 1963 and theParis Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy of 29 July 1960 and eliminate possible conflicts arising from the simultaneous application of both Conventions to a Nuclear Incident.


(a) The operator of a nuclear installation situated in the territory of a party to either Convention shall be liable in accordance with that Convention for nuclear damage suffered in the territory of a Party to the other Convention and the Protocol;

(b) In case of a nuclear incident outside a nuclear installation in the course of carriage, the Convention applicable is that to which the State in whose territory the nuclear installation is situated is a Party;

(c) Each Convention applies to each incident to the exclusion of the other;

(d) Articles I to XV of the Vienna Convention are applied to the Parties of the Protocol that are Parties to the Paris Convention. Articles 1 to 14 of the Paris Convention are applied to parties of the Protocol that are Parties to the Vienna Convention.


Restricted to States Parties to the Vienna Convention or the Paris Convention.

Date of adoption 21.9.1988

Place of adoption Vienna

Date of entry into force:
Not yet in force

Signatories and Date of ratification/ dates of signature accession
Argentina 21.9.1988 Belgium 21.9.1988 Cameroon 7.12.1988 Chile 21.9.1988 23.11.1989 Denmark 21.9.1988 26. 5.1989 Egypt 21.9.1988 10. 8.1989 Finland 21.9.1988 France 21.6.1989 Germany, Federal Republic of 21.9.1988 Greece 21.9.1988 Hungary 20.9.1989 26. 3.1990 Italy 21.9.1988 Morocco 21.9.1988 Netherlands 21.9.1988 Norway 21.9.1988 Philippines 21.9.1988 / . . . UNEP/GC.16/Inf.4 Page 243 Poland 23.1.1990 Portugal 21.9.1988 Spain 21.9.1988 Sweden 21.9.1988 Switzerland 21.9.1988 Turkey 21.9.1988 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 21.9.1988