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  LIbrary Treaties Vienna Convention on Civil Liability, December 11, 1977

Vienna Convention on Civil Liability
for Nuclear Damage

To establish minimum standards to provide financial protection against damage resulting from peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

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(a) The operator of a nuclear installation to be liable for nuclear damage on provision of proof that such damage was caused by an incident within the installation, or involving nuclear material originating therefrom or being sent thereto (art. 2);
(b) The liability of the operator in such a case to be absolute, but the courts may make a finding of contributory negligence on the part of the person suffering such damage; in any case the operator will not be liable if the nuclear incident was due directly to act of armed conflict, civil war, insurrection or a grave natural disaster of an exceptional character (art. 4);
(c) Limits of liability and limitation of action established (arts. 5 and 6);
(d) Operator to maintain insurance or financial security to cover liability (art. 7).

Open for accession to all States members of the United Nations or members of the specialized agencies or the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Instruments of accession to be deposited with the Director-General of IAEA.

Date of adoption 21. 5.1963
Place of adoption Vienna
Date of entry into force 12.11.1977

Parties and dates of entry into force
Argentina 12.11.1977
Bolivia 12.11.1977
Cameroon 12.11.1977
Cuba 12.11.1977
Egypt 12.11.1977
Niger 24.10.1979
Peru 26.12.1980
Philippines 12.11.1977
Trinidad and Tobago 12.11.1977
Yugoslavia 12.11.1977 .

UNEP/GC.16/Inf.4 Page 53