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  :LIbrary Treaties Convention on third party liability, April 1, 1968

Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy

Adopted in Paris, 29. 7.1960
Amended, 28. 1.1964
Entered into force, April 1, 1968

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To ensure adequate and equitable compensation for persons who suffer damage caused by nuclear incidents, whilst ensuring that the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is not thereby hindered. To unify the basic rules in various countries relating to liability incurred for such damage.

(a) The operator of a nuclear installation to be liable for damage to or loss of life of any person and damage to or loss of any property upon proof that such loss or damage was caused by a nuclear incident involving either nuclear fuel or radioactive products or waste in, or nuclear substances coming from, such an installation (art. 3);

(b) Maximum liability of operator defined (art. 7);

(c) Actions must be brought within 10 years from the date of the nuclear incident (art. 8);

(d) Operator not liable if incident caused by act of armed conflict, invasion, civil war or grave natural disaster of an exceptional character (art. 9);

(e) Operator must maintain insurance to cover his liability (art. 10).

Open for accession by any State, subject to the unanimous consent of the parties, by notification in writing to the Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Parties and dates of entry into force
Belgium l. 4.1968
Denmark 4. 9.1974
Finland 16. 6.1972
France 1. 4.1968
Germany, Federal Republic of 30. 9.1975
Greece 12. 5.1970
Italy 17. 9.1975
Netherlands 28.12.1979
Norway 2. 7.1973
Portugal 29. 9.1977
Spain 1. 4.1968
Sweden 1. 4.1968
Turkey 5. 4.1968
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland* 1. 4.1968
* Extended to British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Montserrat, Falkland Islands, St. Helena, Isle of Man and Bailiwick of Guernsey.