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  Library Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cluster 2 Mongolia, April 14, 1997

Cluster 1

Submitted by Norway

1. Norway believes there would be merit in voluntary measures to increase transparency on holdings of weapons-grade fissile material, plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU). Transparency as a confidence-building measure should apply to all States with a nuclear capability, but for obvious reasons the primary burden would fall on the nuclear-weapon States.

2. A fundamental prerequisite for transparency would be the application of consistent and strict standards of accounting and secure handling and storage procedures for fissile material at the

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national level.

3. Voluntary transparency measures of this character would facilitate negotiations on a "cut-off" treaty as well as any future talks on nuclear disarmament.

4. The following measures could be considered for successive implementation:

(a) All nuclear-capable States would submit information on their stocks, if any, of weapons-grade fissile material;

(b) Cooperative international measures would be put into place in order to clarify and confirm these declarations;

(c) The nuclear-weapon States, or any State that submits information on holdings of weapons-grade fissile material, could permit inspection of such holdings. The aim would be to ensure that the inventory in storage can only be withdrawn for non-weapons purposes;

(d) Agreed monitored net reductions from stockpiles could be envisaged.