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  Library Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cluster 2 New Zealand, April 11, 1997

Cluster 2

Submitted by New Zealand
Proposed elements for inclusion in report of the Preparatory Committee on the work of its first session

(i) States parties reaffirm their conviction that nuclear-weapon-free zones are important disarmament measures which enhance regional and global peace and security, greatly strengthen the international non-proliferation regime in all its aspects and contribute to the objective of securing a world entirely free of nuclear weapons;

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1997 NPT Prep Com 

(ii) States parties welcome the conclusion of two further nuclear-weapon-free zone treaties (the treaties of Pelindaba and Bangkok) and the recent entry into force of the latter;

(iii) States parties reaffirm the importance of the cooperation of all the nuclear-weapon States and their support for the relevant protocols to the treaties. In this context they welcome the signature by all nuclear-weapon States of the Protocols to the Treaty of Rarotonga. They look forward to the signature and ratification of the relevant Protocols by those nuclear-weapon States which have not yet done so;

(iv) The States parties welcome the consultation which is currently under way between the nuclear-weapon States and the South-East Asian States in relation to the Protocols to the Treaty of Bangkok and urge those States to make every effort to resolve the remaining differences in order to facilitate adherence to the Protocols;

(v) The States parties welcome the intention of States parties and signatories to the treaties of Tlatelolco, Rarotonga, Bangkok and Pelindaba to promote the common goals envisaged in those treaties, and to explore and implement further ways and means of cooperation.