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  Library Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cluster 3 Czech Republic, May 1999

Cluster 3

Mr. Chairman,

The Czech Republic has joined the EU statement and fully shares the views expressed therein. Now let me to add brief information concerning some specific aspects of the situation in my country.

Mr. Chairman,

The Czech Republic fully respects the inalienable right of states to mutual exchange of

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information, research, development and cooperation in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, while regarding as equally important aspect consistent respect for the principle of nuclear non-proliferation in this cooperation as stipulated in Art. IV of the NPT.

The Czech Republic is, unfortunately, one of the countries with registered attempts for illicit transfers of nuclear materials. Judging by our own experience, the best prevention and protection against illicit trafficking in nuclear materials is a strengthened national system of registration and control of nuclear materials and systematic measures taken to assure their physical protection. A concrete contribution towards achieving this objective are, inter alia, training courses focusing on physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear installations, regularly organized for countries of Central and Eastern Europe by the IAEA in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Governments of the Czech Republic and the United States of America. Within the struggle against illicit trade in nuclear materials, the Czech Republic fully supports and actively participates in the IAEA programme of "Preventing and Combatting Illicit Trafficking in Nuclear Material and Other Radioactive Sources".

Mr. Chairman,

Successful international cooperation requires not only the compliance with the fundamental principles of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons but also with the requirements for nuclear safety and safety of radioactive materials management. The Czech Republic therefore calls on all states which have not yet done so to accede to the Nuclear Safety Convention and the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. These issues are also very closely connected with the work of the IAEA. Speaking about the specific activities of the Czech Republic in the majority of IAEA regional projects, about joint seminars held in the Czech Republic last year on the infrastructure of bodies supervising nuclear safety and emergency planning or about Czech expert missions in countries of the former USSR, all they are also focused on this very purpose.

Mr. Chairman,

Study tours for nearly thirty experts from developing countries were organized in the Czech Republic in 1998 within IAEA technical assistance projects. In cooperation with IAEA, the Czech Republic has also organized a regional training course on safety of research nuclear reactors attended by representatives from countries of Central and Eastern Europe, an international seminar for experts in nuclear fuel cycle issues or a seminar on public access to information on nuclear energy.

Mr. Chairman,

The Czech Republic is determined to continue in mentioned activities. We consider the implementation of these practical steps to be the best way to comply with our commitments as regards appropriate items under point 3 of the NPT Review and Extension Conference 1995.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.