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  Library Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cluster 3 Kenya, May 1999

Cluster 3

Thank you, Mr. President.

My statement will focus on access to nuclear energy, material, and technology for peaceful applications.

Within the circles of the NPT, a lot of effort has gone into monitoring the non-peaceful uses of nuclear energy. This may be understandable, since after all, we are dealing with an instmment whose title is "Non-Proliferation". However, it is not only about non-proliferation issues. It is also about extending the benefits of peaceful uses of nuclear energy to all States Parties in

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accordance with the relevant articles of the Treaty.

Mr. President,

In this connection, preambular paragraph 7 of the NPT underscores the principle, and I quote, that, ".... the benefits of peaceful applications of nuclear technology, ."'~uding any technological by-products which may be derived by Nuclear-Weapon States from the development of nuclear explosive devices, should be available for peaceful purposes to all parties to the Treaty, whether Nuclear-Weapon or Non-Nuclear Weapon States". Unquote.

The intention for which this provision, and related ones such as Preambular paragraph 6, or Article IV paragraph (2), has been included in the Treaty, is to avoid the monopolization of the benefits of peaceful uses of nuclear technology by a few States.

Unfortunately, however, the prevailing situation only attests to the fact that peaceful uses of nuclear energy and technology has largely benefited only the Nuclear Weapon States and the industrialized States. It would indeed be accurately said that the vast majority of the States Parties to the NPT, most of whom also happen to be developing countries, have only received minimal assistance in so far as access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is concemed.

Mr. President,

This unfavourable scenario has arisen despite clear calls by the Treaty for the provision of assistance to Non-Nuclear Weapon States Parties. Article IV paragraph (2) specifically urges States capable of providing assistance to other States Parties in the development of the applications of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, to do so. Furthermore, this paragraph lays emphasis on the needs of developing countries.

The particular case of developing countries was indeed recognized and highlighted way back in 1975 by the very first NPT Review Conference. The Final Declaration of that Conference, which was adopted by consensus, re-affirmed Article IV of the Treaty in its entirety. This document, pointed out the increasing needs of developing states for special assistance in the domain of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Such aid, in accordance with the Declaration, could be provided directly to States Parties concerned, or through agencies such as the IAEA or the UN DP.

Mr. President,

As I pointed out earlier, limited assistance in the peaceful applications of nuclear energy and technology has been provided to developing States Parties. This has been mainly through the IAEA's technical assistance and co~operation programmes. Kenya on its part, has been closely involved in the programmes both at the national and regional levels. Despite their limited nature, we have come to appreciate from these programmes, the broad possibihues of the peaceful applications of nuclear technology and their potential to contribute to development. This is particularly in areas such as agriculture, water resources development, and health.

Mr. President,

There is no doubt that numerous States Parties to the NPT, particularly the Nuclear Weapon States Parties and the developed Non-Nuclear Weapon States have the capability to provide the necessary assistance, and for those already doing so, to increase their assistance to developing States Parties. This is a commitment that they have themselves made as Parties to the Treaty. My delegation would therefore, urge them to genuinely provide or increase this assistance as the case may be, especially in the sectors which are crucial for national development.

In this regard, we strongly support the proposal by the Non-Aligned Movement in paragraph 12 of its Working Paper, document No: NPT/CONF.2OOOIPC.1 11/1. This calls for maximum effort to be made in ensuring that the IAEA is endowed with adequate financial and human resources to enable it to effectively meet its responsibilities in technical co-operation, amongst other fields.

In view of the need to further extend the benefits of peaceful applications of nuclear technology to developing States Parties, my delegation will join in the efforts of other delegations seeking increased assistance, and access to nuclear technology for these purposes, without undue hindrance.

Mr. President,

The quest for the benefits of peaceful use of nuclear technology left to be drowned by the other aspirations engraved in the NPT. developing States Parties will inevitably continue to ponder over the real the Treaty.

Thank you.