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  LIbrary Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Comments on Working Paper, May 19, 1999

Comments on the Chairman's working paper of 14 May 1999 Submitted by Australia

NPT/CONF.2000/PC.III/30 19 May 1999

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Paragraph 6

Add para 6 bis

Reaffirmation of the commitment by all Treaty Parties to full compliance with their Treaty obligations and recognition of the importance of full implementation of all relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

Nuclear Disarmament

Add new para under this section, perhaps as para 12 bis

Expression of Treaty Parties' expectation that more fissile material will be transferred from military use to peaceful nuclear activities and be placed under IAEA safeguards by those States that have already initiated such transfers, and encourage other States with unsafeguarded inventories of fissile material to consider taking similar steps.

New para under this section or at the end of para 14

Welcome the announcements made by some NWS that they have ceased the production of fissile material for use in nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.

Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

Add after para 31

Recognition of the obligation of NPT States parties to ensure that their exports of nuclear items do not contribute to the proliferation of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices; and recognition that coordination of national policies to this end can contribute to the non-proliferation objectives of the NPT and facilitate the fullest possible exchange of equipment, materials, and scientific and technical information for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, in accordance with Article IV.

Welcome for the two International Seminars on the Role of Export Controls in Nuclear Non-Proliferation held in 1997 and 1999, as well as other ongoing efforts by nuclear suppliers to respond to the 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference's call for the promotion of transparency in nuclear-export controls.