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  LIbrary Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Comments on the Working Paper, May 19, 1999

Comments on the Chairman's working paper 14 May 1999

Submitted by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

NPT/CONF.2000/PC.III/38 19 May 1999

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Paragraph 4

Replace with

Urgency and importance of achieving the universality of the Treaty; welcome for the accessions of Andorra, Angola, Brazil, Chile, Comoros, Djibouti, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Vanuatu to the Treaty since 1995, bringing the number of States parties to 187. Urge all States not yet party to the Treaty, Cuba, India, Israel and Pakistan, to accede to the Treaty as non-nuclear weapon States at the earliest possible date.

Paragraph 7

Delete this paragraph

Paragraph 8

Replace with

Reaffirmation of the views expressed concerning the nuclear test explosions in South Asia in 1998 in UNSCR 1172 and General Assembly Resolution 53/77 G. Welcome the declared moratoria on further testing by India and Pakistan and their declared intention to sign the CTBT. Urge them to accede to the NPT and CTBT without further delay or preconditions.

Paragraph 12

Replace with

Recognition of the progress achieved in nuclear weapons reductions by the nuclear weapons States, including those made unilaterally, such as by the UK in the SDR, or bilaterally under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) process, as steps towards nuclear disarmament. Reaffirmation of the need to maintain this progress. Affirmation that at an appropriate stage, the US and the Russian Federation should be joined by the other NWS to ensure full implementation of the obligations under Article VI. Invite increased transparency by the NWS on the dismantlement of tactical nuclear weapons.

Paragraph 13

Add after "nuclear-weapon States"; "(France and the United Kingdom)"

Paragraph 14

Add after the last sentence "welcome the announcements made by some NWS that they have ceased the production of fissile material for use in nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices".

Paragraph 16

Delete "as a measure towards the strengthening of the nuclear non-proliferation regime and" to end of sentence and replace by "strengthens the nuclear non-proliferation regime, and contributes towards realising the ..."

Paragraph 18

Insert the full title of the Ad Hoc Committee, "Ad Hoc Committee on effective international arrangements to assure non-nuclear weapon States against the use, or threat of use of nuclear weapons, and urges the ..."

Paragraph 20

There are a number of typographic errors. The paragraph should read:

Reaffirmation that new supply arrangements for the transfer of source or special fissionable material or equipment or material especially designed or prepared for the processing, use or production of special fissionable material to non-nuclear-weapon States should require, as a necessary precondition, acceptance of the Agency's full-scope safeguards and internationally legally binding commitments not to acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.

Paragraph 21

Add "Welcome the signature of such agreements by 36 non-nuclear weapons States".

Paragraph 22

Add "Welcome the signature of such agreements by China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America."

Paragraph 25

Delete last sentence

Paragraph 26

Insert as paragraph 26 (bis)

Affirmation of importance of full compliance of all States parties to the NPT in the region with their obligations under the NPT: reaffirmation of need for the establishment of an effectively verifiable Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical and biological, and their delivery systems

Paragraph 27

Delete "between States parties"