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  LIbrary Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Proposal, May 19, 1999

Proposed elements to be included in Chairman's
working paper Submitted by China

NPT/CONF.2000/PC.III/37 19 May 1999

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In the Preambular part, add the following :

After paragraph 2:

Reaffirmation that all States parties commit themselves to respect one another's sovereignty and territorial integrity, abide by the Charter of the United Nations and the norms governing international relations, oppose the use or threat of use of force against other countries under any pretext, and never resort to force in the international relations without the authorization from the United Nations Security Council.

In the Nuclear Disarmament section, add the following :

Between paragraphs 11-12:

Commitment to refrain from engaging in the research, development or deployment of outer space weapon systems and missile defense systems that undermine strategic security and stability.

Commitment by all the nuclear weapon States to renounce the nuclear deterrence policy characterized by "first use of nuclear weapons" and withdraw all the nuclear weapons deployed on foreign soil to their own territory.

Reaffirmation that the U.S.A. and the Russian Federation, bearing special responsibilities for nuclear disarmament, should continue to reduce drastically their respective nuclear arsenals.

Between paragraphs 14-15:

Recognition that the commencement, progress and conclusion of FMCT negotiations are closely related to the development of international peace and security.

In the Nuclear-weapon-free zone section, add the following :

Between paragraphs 16-17:

States parties to the current nuclear-weapon-free zones, if they are States parties to other international or regional agreements at the same time, should ensure that their adherence to those agreements does not entail any obligations contrary to the nuclear-weapon-free zone treaties.

Nuclear-weapon-free zones should constitute a geographical entity whose boundaries are to be clearly defined by prospective States parties to the nuclear-weapon-free zone treaty through full consultations with other States concerned, especially in cases where territories in dispute are involved, with a view to facilitating agreement of those States concerned.

In the Security Assurances section, add the following :

Before paragraph 18:

Commitment, without any condition, by all the nuclear weapon States not to be the first to use nuclear weapons, nor use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon States, and conclude international legal instruments to this effect.

In the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy section, add the following :

Between paragraphs 28-29:

Reaffirmation that group export control regimes should be replaced by non-discriminatory and universally negotiated non-proliferation treaties.