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  LIbrary Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Proposals, May 19, 1999

Proposal submitted by Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

NPT/CONF.2000/PC.III/33 19 May 1999

The following elements are proposed to be included in section "Nuclear disarmament" after paragraph 12:

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Welcome the important contribution made by Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to the implementation of article VI of the Treaty through their significant measures in nuclear disarmament, in particular the voluntary decision to withdraw all tactical and strategic nuclear weapons from their territories, and taking note with satisfaction of the current efforts of those States to strengthen the Treaty through enhancing regional and global security.

Welcome the signing on 26 September 1997 by Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United States of America of a number of significant agreements that contribute to ensuring the viability of the Treaty on the Limitation of Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems.