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  LIbrary Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, Proposals for Working Paper, May 18, 1999

Proposals for inclusion in the Chairman's working paper Submitted by the Republic of Korea

NPT/CONF.2000/PC.III/27 18 May 1999

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The following wording to be included in the Chairman's working paper:


- Insert new paragraph as 7 bis

  • "Recognize that the proliferation of nuclear weapons constitutes a threat to international peace and security as stated in the UN Security Council Presidential Statement of 31 January, 1992. Underline the necessity of strengthening an effective mechanism, including, inter alia, the role of the Security Council, aimed at ensuring full compliance with the obligations under the provisions of the NPT."

Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone

- Add the following sentence at the end of paragraph 16

  • "Emphasize the importance of the full implementation of the Joint Declaration of Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, which entered into force between the two Koreas on 19 February 1992."


- Insert new paragraph as 23 bis

  • "Urge those States Parties to the IAEA full-scope Safeguards Agreements, which are not in compliance with the Agreements, to implement all obligations under the Agreements fully and unconditionally."