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  Library Treaties Non-Proliferation Treaty, French Statement, 1999

Statement from the French Delegation

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Mr. Chairman,

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The Presidency of the European Union has expressed the views of its member States on the question of the products of the 2000 review Conference. France shares the content of this declaration.

I wish to add a few elements regarding the French position. Our only objective is to ensure the full implementation of the treaty as well as the commitments therein included. In this perspective, it seems to us that the formulation of the result of the review Conference should avoid several pitfalls :

- it should not result in redrafting decision 2 on principles and objectives, of the 1995 review and extension Conference. This document is part of a package, together with the other decisions and the resolution on the Middle East. Its content - the principles and objectives or the programme of action contained therein - remains up to date, four or five years later. Its integrity must be preserved. Marginally, a few elements could be subject to updating.

- it should not result in artificial documents, disconnected from the structure of the Conference's debates.

- it should not depart from the fundamental principle of consensus on the whole outcome of the review Conference; it is an essential element for the legitimacy of the document in question.

In this context, we should favour a presentation of the outcomes of the review Conference in the form of three reports stemming from the three main committees; each of them should deal with both past and future. It seems appropriate to us to review separately the three groups of topics, to assess the efforts already made and to evaluate what remains to be done. A common "chapeau" in the form of a synthetic document could be added to these three documents ; it would be prepared by the Chairman of the Conference on the basis of the reports of the three main committees. All of these documents should be adopted by consensus.

This committee has just started to consider this issue. The delegation of France will listen attentively to all points of views ; it expresses its readiness to continue this dialogue so that an agreement is reached on the most appropriate form for the outcome of the Conference.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.