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Statement from the Myanmar Delegation

Mr. Chairman,

Today we are addressing the core issue before this Third PrepCom Session: implementation of Article VI of the Treaty and nuclear disarmament.

This is the key issue. The success of the 2000 Review Conference very much depends on whether we can reach a satisfactory consensus text on the issue of nuclear disarmament.

Most of valuable things in life cannot be taken for granted. The NPT is no exception. If the 2000

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Review Conference cannot deliver a satisfactory consensus text on nuclear disarmament, the confidence in the NPT regime will erode. This will lead to the weakening of the NPT regime. It is , therefore, incumbent on all States Parties, particularly the Nuclear Weapon States, to do their utmost to reach a good consensus text on nuclear disarmament.

In the view of my delegafion, a text on nuclear disarmament in a possible ( decision on Principles and Objecfives and Programme of Acfions by the 2000 Review Conference should, inter alia, include the following points and issues:-

They are:-

- nuclear disarmament, in both bilateral and multilateral contexts;

- the prospect of an early entry mto force of the CTBT,

- an early cominencement of multilateral negotiations on a nondiscuminatory and universally applicable convention on FMCT in the CD and an early conclusion of these negotiations;

- internationally and legally binding security assurances for non-nuclear weapon states;

- other nuclear arms cont:rol measures such as de-alerting and deactivating nuclear weapons and ajoint undertaking by the Nuclear Weapon States not to be the first to use nuclear weapons and the flirther measures of de-emphasizing the role of nuclear weapons.

Since the CTBT and the FMCT are next logical steps and urgent priorities, we may put appropriate time frames for entry into force of the CTBT and the commencement of the FMCT negotiations in the CD. These time frames are to be worked out by the States Parties, as appropriate.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation has already put forward draft elements on nuclear disarnament in its statement at the PrepCom meeting on the opening day of the present Session. I shall, therefore, refrain from elaborating those elenients once again.

The Nuclear Weapon States and non-nuclear weapon States Panies to the Treaty should waste no time in trying to narrow down their differences and to arrive at substantive consensus recommendations on nuclear disarmament to the 2000 Review Conference.

Mr. Chairinan,

While on this subject, I should like to express the strong support of the Myanmar delegation for the establishment of a subsidiary body on nuclear disarmament to effectively address the specific issues involved at the 2000 Review Conference.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.