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The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference Preparatory Committee Meeting 2003

When the NPT was indefinitely extended in 1995, the States parties adopted a package of decisions intended to strengthen the Treaty's review process. These established a set of Principles and Objectives on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament and provided for three to four PrepComs (Preparatory Commissions) to be held in the four years leading up to the five-yearly Review Conferences. Under the strengthened review process, the Review Conferences were mandated to look forward, evaluate the Treaty's operation and  identify the areas and means for making progress on its implementation. 

The 2003 Preparatory Meeting was the first time that the members of the NPT met following North Korea's withdrawal from the NPT Regime and the US pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. Key topics addressed at the meeting included: the lack of progress and, in fact regression, in nuclear weapons states fufilling their disarmament obligations; North Korea's withdrawal from the treaty; weapon of mass destruction in the middle east; and the dangers posed by tactical nuclear weapons.

2003 PrepCom Resources

Click here to read "Facing the Failures of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Regime" an essay distributed at the PrepCom by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Click here for the Chairman's summary of the PrepCom's activities.

Click here for a comprehensive collection of documents from the Preparatory Committee prepared by Reaching Critical Will.

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