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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1980s  1982


The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell is published.

South Africa begins buying enriched uranium from a Swiss utility company to reduce United States leverage over political affairs within the country. 

The first major anti-nuclear demonstration since 1957 occurs at the Nevada Test Site.

South Africa completes a third nuclear weapon. 

The Second UN Special Session on Disarmament takes place.

One million people gather in New York City's Central Park in support of the Second United Nations Special Session on Disarmament. It is the largest anti-war demonstration in history.

Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) begin. 

President Ronald Reagan removes the United States from the ongoing Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty talks in Geneva. This action ends two decades of negotiations.

The African National Congress bombs one of South Africa's nuclear plants after a South African attack on the ANC and citizens of Lesotho

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is founded.