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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1980s  1988


The Third UN Special Session on Disarmament takes place.

The U.S. and USSR sign the Agreement on Notification of Missile Launches. The Agreement stipulates that 24-hour advance notice is required before launching an ICBM or SLBM.

The INF Treaty enters into force. [see December 8, 1987]

The USS Vincennes mistakenly shoots down Iran Air Flight 655 in the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 passengers and crew members aboard. The U.S. does not apologize to Iran, nor reprimand officers involved.

Fourteen Missouri Peace Planting activists simultaneously enter 10 different ICBM launch sites in Missouri and plant sunflowers at the missile silos.

Brazil adopts a new constitution, which states, "any nuclear activities within the national territory will be permitted only if for peaceful purposes, and if approved by the National Congress."

The Joint Protocol Relating to the Application of the Vienna Convention and the Paris Convention, which would link the Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and the Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy, is adopted. However, it is not yet in force.

Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi sign an agreement not to attack either country's nuclear installations.