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Critical Thinking
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To allow the student to critically investigate the issues surrounding the atomic age.


Any related science and/or history textbook. Additional research might be required by each student to prepare their answer (see the ALSOS Digital Library for Nuclear Issues).


Questions like "Should we have dropped the atomic bombs on Japan?," "Should we have built the H-bomb?," and many others could be asked. The program will provide most of the information resource to answer this exercise. This would allow the introduction of discussion of the atomic age and its consequences on a variety of disciplines.

Sample questions:
  • "Should we have dropped the atomic bombs on Japan?"
  • "Should we have built the H-bomb?"
  • "Was the arms race preventable?"
  • "Are nuclear weapons a viable option today?"
  • "Could we use nuclear weapons without starting World War III?"
  • "Can one be a moral weapons designer?"
  • "How many weapons are enough?"
  • "As third world nations develop nuclear capabilities, how will that change the world power structure?"
  • "Was the bomb's development inevitable?"