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Arms Control Module
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To allow the student to critically investigate the issues surrounding the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan.

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  1. The Space Shuttle orbiting at 250 miles has a camera with a focal length of 3.2 meters. It is using film with an optical resolution of 125 lines/mm. What is the camera's resolution? What must the focal length be to resolve a license plate (one inch)? Is this possible? Explain.
  2. What features would you search for in a photograph of the Soviet Union if you were (a) interested in underground tests and (b) interested in the number of deployed missiles?
  3. What indicators other than seismic signals could you look for that might give some indication of underground testing?
  4. Design a treaty that will limit SLBMs. Focus on verification issues.
  5. Compare and contrast the US and Soviet nuclear forces. What problems does this pose to arms control treaties?
  6. Which nations do you think could make nuclear weapons from nuclear power programs?
  7. What technology and skills are required to produce nuclear weapons from their nuclear power programs?
  8. What is the connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons?
  9. How did India make a nuclear bomb?
  10. How is weapons-grade plutonium produced?
  11. Why is it difficult to make a bomb using reactor-grade plutonium?
  12. Describe how U235 might be separated from U238?
  13. Describe the differences between boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors?
  14. What is the potential impact of breeder reactors to nuclear proliferation?

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