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  1. What was the size of the explosion produced by the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and what were the casualties?
  2. Discuss Albert Einstein's role in the development of the atomic bomb.
  3. When did the Soviet Union explode its first atomic bomb? hydrogen bomb?
  4. Discuss the Bravo Test of 1954 with particular reference to the radiation fallout and its consequences.
  5. Give a brief summary of the Manhattan Project.
  6. Discuss ways in which the U.S. might have demonstrated that it had an atomic bomb other than exploding one over a populated area.
  7. What are the novel features of the I.N.F. Treaty.
  8. Discuss motivations for development of the atomic bomb in the United States during World War II.
  9. What are the components of the U.S. triad? the Soviet Triad? What are the main differences between the triads?
  10. Define MAD, MIRV, ICBM, SLBM.
  11. According to Office of Technology Assessment, how many people would be killed by a Soviet nuclear attack?
  12. Who are members of the 'nuclear club'? Who are near nuclear, that is, who in the next 5-10 years might develop nuclear weapons?
  13. Approximately how many strategic warheads do the United States and the Soviet Union have?
  14. Would you consider the development of weapons specifically designed to destroy information gathering systems, stabilizing or destabilizing? Explain.
  15. Who is considered the 'father' of the U.S. hydrogen bomb? the Soviet H-bomb?

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