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Weapon Effects
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  1. Calculate the EMT of the following weapons: 50 Mt, 10 Mt, 1 Mt, 100 Kt, 10 Kt.
  2. How much energy is contained in 1 Mt of TNT?
  3. If the overpressure is 20 psi, what is the associated wind velocity?
  4. What is the Mach Stem?
  5. Why is an overpressure of 'only' 5 p.s.i. likely to result in a 50% mortality rate for the occupants of residential structures?
  6. The overpressure for a 1-Kt ground burst is 10 p.s.i. at 1100 feet. What is the distance from ground zero will result in the same overpressure for a 64-Kt bomb?
  7. What fraction of the total energy released by a thermonuclear bomb goes into thermal radiation? Blast energy?
  8. What is the temperature of the surface of the fireball when it is at its maximum extent?
  9. At a distance of about seven miles from the burst point of a 1 Mt bomb, which effect is most dangerous to humans; blast or thermal radiation? Why?
  10. Will unprotected newspaper ignite if located one mile from a 10 megaton explosion?
  11. How far from a 10 Kt ground burst must you be in order for the pressure to be less than 1 p.s.i.?
  12. What are some of the biological hazards from fallout?
  13. What are some of the long-term radiation effects from a nuclear explosion?
  14. How many rems would produce mild radiation sickness?
  15. Discuss the predictions of the TTAPS study.
  16. Define delayed fallout.
  17. What effect would a nuclear exchange have on the ozone layer?
  18. What is the maximum radius of a fireball produced by a 100 Kt nuclear weapon?
  19. Why is strontium 90 a particularly dangerous component of delayed fallout?
  20. How are gamma rays emitted during a nuclear explosion?
  21. What are the effects of a High Altitude EMP?
  22. Give a short explanation of the relative importance of each of the four basic effects of a nuclear explosion for a 10 Kt bomb and a 10 Mt bomb.

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