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  Educators Study Questions Nuclear Energy and Atoms for Peace

Study Questions:
Nuclear Energy and Atoms for Peace

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(1) Briefly describe the messages contained in Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" speech.

(2) What responsibilities did the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 give the AEC?

(3) What two types of nuclear power plants quickly dominated the American (and world) market? Who made them?

(4) Why was Atoms for Peace in the American national interest?

(5) Why were reactors with ordinary water and enriched uranium chosen or at least preferred in the United States?

(6) What is meant by Atomic Euphoria?

(7) What killed this euphoria?

(8) [Film] How were the nuclear weapons tests portrayed to the soldiers participating in them?

(9) Why was Edward Teller in favor of developing commercial nuclear power plants?

(10) Which country was the first to bring on line a commercial nuclear power plant?