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Study Questions: Arms Control

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(1) What did the 1974 nuclear weapons treaty and its protocol between the United States and the
Soviet Union do? Why?

(2) What was "Flexible Response," and why did it end "MAD?"

(3) Why did anxiety about nuclear war come back out into the open around 1980?

(4) Why was the United States considering deploying neutron bombs?

(5) Where was opposition to the new nuclear weapons strongest, and why?

(6) Explain the difference between the "Nuclear Winter" and the "Nuclear Freeze?"

(7) Describe in your own words the "Strategic Defense Initiative" as Reagan announced it in 1983. What did it promise?

(8) What does the collapse of the Soviet Union have to do with the nuclear arms race? Why were Gorbachev and Reagan willing to reduce nuclear weapons?

(9) How has the collapse of the Soviet Union complicated the movement for nuclear weapons reduction?

(10) According to Reagan, who was ahead in the nuclear arms race? Was he right?