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  Educators Study Questions Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Study Questions:
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons 

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(1) To maximize blast damage, where should a nuclear weapon be detonated?

(2) Explain how "nuclear winter" might cause extinction of the human species.

(3) What constitutes radioactive fallout?

(4) In order to maximize radioactive fallout, what facilities should be targeted by a military strategist?

(5) What type of radioactive fallout contaminated the earth during the 1960s and 1970s?

(6) What is the effect of a nuclear detonation about 200 miles above the earth?

(7) What is the mathematical relationship between the yield of a weapon, Y, and the radius of destruction, R?

(8) Describe how nuclear explosions might produce a firestorm that suffocates blast survivors.

(9) How does a large nuclear explosion start fires 20 miles away?

(10) What is the destructive radius of a 10-Mt weapon?