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  Educators Study Questions Nuclear Weapons, Making the Atomic Bomb

Making the Atomic Bomb: Study Questions

  • When, where, and what constituted the first nuclear explosion on earth?
  • Sketch and explain a uranium gun-type fission weapon.
  • Sketch and explain a plutonium implosion-type fission weapon.

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  • What is the role of tritium in fission weapons?
  • Where, when, and what constituted the first use of a nuclear weapon as an act of war?
  • What was the yield (equivalent pounds of the chemical explosive, TNT) of the weapon used to destroy Hiroshima?
  • What is the yield (equivalent pounds of TNT) for a 60 megaton weapon?
  • How many people died from the Hiroshima bombing as of 1950, according to the USA Department of Defense.
  • Name the three scientists who drafted the famous 1939 letter to Roosevelt.
  • Quote the scripture recalled by J. Robert Oppenheimer immediately following the Trinity explosion.