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Radioactivity Study Questions:


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What is Radioactivity? 

(1) What is one becquerel?

(2) What is one curie?

(3) What does the unit, rem, measure?

(4) Name three common forms of radioactive decay.

(5) What is radioactive half-life?

(6) How many years does it take a sample of Pu-239 to decay to one-thousandth of its original radioactivity?  Note implications for radioactive waste storage.

(7) Which radioactive isotope was released at Chernobyl and accumulated in the thyroid gland?

(8) Which radioactive isotope was produced at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and concentrates in bones.

(9) Give representative speeds (in miles per second) for the three common types of nuclear radiation. Note potential damage when these energy forms pass through human tissue.

(10) Where does radioactive radon gas come from?

Effects of Radioactivity 

(1) What is ionizing radiation?

(2) Name those forms of radiation that ionize and that do not.

(3) What are the symptoms of acute radiation sickness?

(4) What effects does radiation have on the human fetus?

(5) How many excess cancer deaths are expected due to the accident at Chernobyl?

(6) Gamma rays can be used to treat cancer and are produced by which radioactive material?

(7) Which form of radiation is used for food preservation?

(8) How does radiation cause genetic mutations?

(9) What does DNA stand for?

(10) Explain how radiation can be used for insect control.