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Key Issues Missile Defense Issues Regional Perspectives Opposing Missile Defense

Regional Perspectives Opposing Missile Defense

Northeast Asia
China's Concern Over National Missile Defense
Dingli Shen

Theater Missile Defense: A Confidence Destructive Measure in East Asia

Hiro Umebayashi

Missile Defenses and the Korean Peninsula
Samsung Lee

South Asia
Ballistic Missile Defense: Consequences for South Asia
Achin Vanaik

Missile Defense: An Indian Perspective
Rajesh M. Basrur

India NMD Resolution

Middle East
Ballistic Missile Defense and Alternatives for the Middle East
Bahig Nassar

A Russian Perspective on American National Missile Defense
Alla Yaroshinskaya

Make Missile Defenses Obsolete: The Case for Ballistic Missile Disarmament

Jurgen Scheffran

Pretext for Missile Defense is Absurd

Sir Joseph Rotblat

Canada Is Not Impotent in the Missile Defense Crisis
Senator Douglas Roche

Ballistic Missile Defense: The View from the Cheap Seats

Michael Wallace

United States

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National Missile Defense: Why Should We Care?
Admiral Eugene Carroll

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Bruce K. Gagnon

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Leah Wells