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Pakistan Special Weapons Facilities

Pakistan has two parallel and competing special weapons programs. The initial program, which began in the late 1970s, was focused on uranium enrichment centered at Kahuta. More recently this program has enlarged its portfolio to include the Ghauri [Nodong] missile delivery system, which is flight tested at the nearby Tilla Jogian [Malute] test site. Apparently initiated in the mid-1980s following problems with the uranium program, the plutonium program is centered around the unsafeguarded nuclear reactor at Khushab, and has probably focused on the development of a nuclear warhead for the M-11 missiles stored at the nearby Sargodha Central Ammunition Depot . Pakistan's nuclear weapons tests were conducted at two locations in the Chagai Hills.

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The location of Pakistan's nuclear weapons stockpile cannot be determined from open sources. Pakistan is believed to somewhere between two and three dozen nuclear weapons. Reportedly, most of these weapons are stockpiled as separate uranium and plutonium cores and detonation assemblies, rather than fully assembled weapons. The storage procedures were altered in early October 2001, when the American bombing of Afghanistan began. The stockpile was reportedly dispersed to six new secret locations around Pakistan. The new stockpile procedures were intended to facilitate the rapid assembly and deployment of the weapons.

Locale Lat Lon Nuclear BW CW Missile Airbase
Baghalchur N E
Chagai Hills N E
Chasma N E
Dera Ghazi Khan N E
Dera Nawab Shah N E
Fatehjung N E
Gadwal N E
Golra Sharif N E
Gujranwala N E
Issa Khel N E
Jhang N E
Kahuta N E
Kamra N E
Karachi / KANUPP N E
Kharan Desert N E
Khushab N E
Kundian N E
Lahore N E
Lakki [Qabul Khel] N E
Multan N E
Okara N E
Quetta N E
Ras Koh N E
Rawalpindi N E
Sargodha N E
Sihala N E
Sonmiani N E
Taxila N E
Tilla Jogian [Malute] N E
Tumman Laghari N E
Wah N E

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Special Weapon Facilities