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Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee of Three


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Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Three Held Tuesday, June 26, 1945, at 9:30 a. m.

Messrs. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War
James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy
Joseph C. Grew, Acting Secretary of State
Mr. John J. McCloy was present as Recorder.
Major M.F. Correa was present at the invitation of the Committee

The Discussion continued on the subject of [a] warning to Japan and the Secretary of War read a draft of memorandum he had prepared for the President. A discussion of the effect of the effect of the proposed warning on world and domestic opinion followed. There was general agreement, however, that the tone of the proposed letter was about right and that though following the program suggested in the letter might not achieve the capitulation desired, it might do so, and it was thought that no harm would result from trying. It was pointed out that it might very well consolidate opinion for an out and out struggle if the Japanese did not respond and it might check in the U.S. a deterioration of will to complete the defeat of Japan, as it would make clear the necessity for fullest efforts if the Japanese did not accede.

It was left that a subcommittee of the State, War, and Navy Departments would attempt to draft the actual warning as well as any other papers that would be incidental to the delivery of such a warning.

Major Correa was designated by the Secretary of the Navy as the Navy representative, Mr. McCloy was appointed representative for the War Department, and Mr. Grew said that Mr. Dooman and Mr. Ballantine would act for the State Department.

Source: FRUS: Conference of Berlin (Potsdam) 1945 , volume 1, 887-888