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Notes of an Informal Meeting of the Interim Committee,
Wednesday, 9 May 1945

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17 May 1945.

Notes of an Informal Meeting of the Interim Committee
Wednesday, 9 May 1945, 9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


Secretary Henry L. Stimson, Chairman
Hon. Ralph A. Bard
Dr. Vannevar Bush
Hon. James F. Byrnes
Hon. William L. Clayton
Dr. Karl T. compton
Mr. George L. Harrison

Mr. Harvey H. Bundy


Secretary Stimson outlined the nature of the project and expressed his views as to the purposes and functions of the Committee. Appointed by the Secretary with the approval of the President, the Committee was established to study and report on the entire problem of temporary war-time controls and later publicity, and to survey and make recommendations on post-war research, development, and control, and on legislation necessary for these purposes. It was termed an "Interim Committee" in view of the fact that, at the proper time, Congress would probably establish by law a permanent body to supervise, regulate, and control the entire field. It was pointed out that reports and recommendations made by the Committee

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would be submitted to the Secretary, and through him, to the President. 

The full membership of the Committee is as follows:

Hon. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, Chairman.
Hon. Ralph A. Bard, Under Secretary of the Navy.
Dr. Vannevar Bush, Director, Office of Scientific Research and Development.
Hon. James F. Byrnes, Special Representative of the President.
Hon. William L. Clayton, Assistant Secretary of State.
Dr. Karl T. Compton, Chief, Office of Field Service, OSRD.
Dr. James B. Conant, Chairman, National Defense Research Committee.
Mr. George L. Harrison, Special Consultant to the Secretary of War, Alternate Chairman.

[at 11:15 A.M. the Committee took leave of the Secretary and re-assembled in Mr. Harrison's Office under his chairmanship]


As further background on the subject, General Groves' memorandum of April 23, 1945, to the Secretary of War, which was presented earlier to the President by the Secretary, was read to the Committee and discussed at some length. The Quebec Agreement was also read and discussed. In discussing the nature and functions of the Combined Development Trust, the Committee strongly expressed the view that all possible steps should be taken as promptly as 

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possible to build up our supplies of uranium and thorium.


The next meeting of the Committee was called for Monday, May 14, 1945, at 10:00 A.M

2nd Lieutenant, AUS

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