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Israeli Vote on Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty
4 November 2004


Explanation of vote by Mr. Alon Bar,
Director of Arms Control
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

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Mr. Chairman,

I would like to give an explanation for Israel abstention on resolution A/C.1/59/L34.

Mr. Chairman,

Israel views the FMCT in both regional and global contexts, and its policy is governed by these two considerations:

  1. In the regional context of the Middle East, issues related to nuclear disarmament can be dealt with only after achieving lasting relations of peace and reconciliation, and within the context of the overall regional security and stability. Israel's approach on the way to move forward on this issues, inspired by the experience of other regions, is anchored in Israel's long-term vision, and is elaborated in our delegation's explanation of vote on the draft resolution entitled "The Establishment of a NWFZ in the region of the Middle East".

  2. In the global context, recent developments highlight the fact that, non-compliance of states with their international obligations, as well as the misuse and un-checked dissemination of nuclear fuel cycle capabilities, have become among the most pressing challenges in the nuclear non- proliferation field. The FMCT does not address these challenges and can farther complicated them.

We therefore, believe that an overall priority in non-proliferation should be assigned to developing a new effective non-proliferation arrangement pertaining to the nuclear fuel cycle.

Thank you Mr. Chairman