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  Library Correspondence Leo Szilard: Letter, March 17, 1934

Letter on Forecast of discoveries in Physics
From: Leo Szilard
To: Sir Hugo Hirst
Date: March 17, 1934

6, Halliwick Road
London, N. 10.
17th March, 1934

Dear Sir Hugo,

As you are on holiday you might find pleasure in reading a few pages out of a book by H. G. Wells which I am sending you. I am certain you will find the first three paragraphs of Chapter The First (The New Source of Energy, page 42) interesting and amusing, whereas the other parts of the book are rather boring. It is remarkable that Wells should have written those pages in 1914.

Of course, all this is moonshine, but I have reason to believe that in so far as the industrial applications of the present discoveries in physics are concerned, the forecast of the writers may prove to be more accurate than the forecast of the scientists. The physicists have conclusive arguments as to why we cannot create at present new sources of energy for industrial purposes; I am not so sure whether they do not miss the point.

It is perhaps possible to be more definite some time after your return, and in the meantime I hope you will in any case enjoy glancing through these few pages.

With best wishes for a pleasant stay,

Yours very truly,
Leo Szilard

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