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  Library Correspondence Harry S. Truman: Letter, July 18, 1945

Letter on Truman's Meeting with Stalin
From:Harry S. Truman, President of the United States of America
To: Bess Truman, First Lady fo the United States of America
Date: July 18, 1945

Letter to Bess Truman July 18, 1945

...I've gotten what I came for - Stalin goes to war [against Japan] August 15 with no strings on it. He wanted a Chinese settlement [in return for entering the Pacific war, China would give Russia some land and other concessions] - and it is practically made - in a better form than I expected. [Chinese Foreign Minister] Soong did better than I asked him. I'll say that we'll end the war a year sooner now, and think of the kids who won't be killed! That is the important thing.

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