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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1950s  1956

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Nikita Khrushchev attacks Stalin and "cult of personality."

The world’s first nuclear power station (5 megawatts) begins operation at Obinsk in Russia.

A U.S. bomber crashes into a storage igloo containing three Mark 6 nuclear bombs at Lakenheath Royal Air Force base in the United Kingdom. The resulting fire damages the bombs, but fails to ignite their conventional explosive triggers.

The world’s first full-scale nuclear power plant (50 megawatts) begins operation at Calder Hall in England.

The Statute of International Atomic Energy Agency is signed at New York.

The Soviet Union threatens to use rockets against London, Paris, and Israel if those three nations do not end their invasion of Egypt during the Suez Canal crisis. Although the threats are generally regarded as a bluff (and did not specify a nuclear attack against the targets), the overall danger of a Cold War escalation influences the U.S. to pressure France and Britain to accept a cease-fire.

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