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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1960s  1964

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India completes its first chemical reprocessing plant to enrich uranium. The plant is located near Bombay and built with the assistance of the United States and Canada.

The Soviet Union dumps eight naval nuclear reactors, including three with the radioactive fuel still intact, in the Gulf of Abrosimov off Novaya Zemlya during 1964-1965.

China explodes its first atomic bomb at the Lop Nor testing site in Sinkiang Province. Following the test, the Chinese government states, "The atomic bomb is a paper tiger. This famous statement by Chairman Mao Zedong is known to all. This was our view in the past and this is still our view at present. China is developing nuclear weapons not because it believes in their omnipotence nor because it plans to use them. On the contrary, in developing nuclear weapons, China’s aim is to break the nuclear monopoly of the nuclear powers and to eliminate nuclear weapons."

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