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  Timeline of the Nuclear Age 1960s  1965

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In this year, the United States sends 90% enriched uranium (enough to be weaponized) to South Africa for their Safari-1 reactor. 

Between 1957 and 1965, 100 kilograms of uranium 235 disappear from a nuclear scrap recycling plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania. The material is weapons grade and suitable for making more than one bomb. The president of the firm is reported to have close ties with Israel. The mystery is never solved.

The Soviet Union conducts its first underground peaceful nuclear explosion at an oil well in Bashkiria. The Soviets conduct about 115 such tests between 1965 and 1989.

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara announces that the United States will rely upon the threat of assured destruction to deter a Soviet attack.

A nuclear-armed airplane rolls off the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga and sinks in sixteen thousand feet of water, off the coast of Japan.

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